For over 10 years we have been delivering exceptional results in development of enterprise-scale software systems for a range of clients. Our list of clients grows continuously. We provide software architecture, development services, and most importantly, strive to build long-lasting relationships that help both parties to achieve positive business results now and in the future.

Our main objective is to "get the job done" on time and on budget. To achieve this goal we collaborate with best-of-breed technology suppliers and business alliance partners to offer you the greatest flexibility and return-on-investment. And, given our experience as a technology provider, we've developed tools, processes, and methodologies that will help our clients to gain cost advantages, resource efficiencies, greater flexibility, and reduction of risk.We deliver high quality, authenticity, and consistency, with quantifiable business impact that has been proved time and again.



    GW PolicyCenter, GW BillingCenter, GW ClaimCenter

  • SAP

    ABAP, SAP Master Data, FICO, FM-BCS, BW/BI/BO


    MS SQL: T-SQL (Transact-SQL). SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services)


    PHP, YII: HTML, CSS, JS, JQuery, Angular, Knockout JS, Kendo JS

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  • Strategic session

    06 oct 2018

    In early October, a strategic session was held at the company, at which the company’s management, together with the team leaders, discussed the further growth of Virtuace. Team leaders exchanged experiences with each other and presented their business projects. As a result of the session, the company received several great new product ideas and solutions for its customers, as well as ideas for creating their own products.

  • Programmer day

    13 sep 2018

    Everybody knows that 256 day in a year is the day of the Programmer. Programmers are very important people in all industries of every business - what guys do is a real miracle, because the results of their work are very important. So we celebrated this day. In the morning we complimented our guys in office by very delicious and beautiful eclairs. And in the evening we went to the terrace in our office to watch a movie with popcorn and cola! The weather was warm, the movie was pretty interesting, the people were the best!

  • Corporate event

    22 jul 2018

    In Virtuace we have the annual summer and winter corporate events which are great opportunity to see each other (we have 5 offices and different cities) and to meet new employees. This year we managed to do our summer in a wonderful location near Kiev, in the forest, on the shore of the lake. We were divided into teams and performed sports, logic and other interesting tasks.